by Vacant Youth Kings

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released July 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Vacant Youth Kings Redwood City, California

A band that wants to spread peace and love through music.
Guitarist/Vocalist- Jonathan Morataya
Bass/Harmonies- Jose Cortes-Aleman
Drummer- Loui Barcelo

We started a band in high school and it became a dream to be successful through the music we write. Mainly from Redwood City but we've had members from East Palo Alto, Menlo Park and also Chile!. Currently three man band but not set in stone.
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Track Name: Slowly
I've thought to, give up on me, give up on you
'Cause we won't live forever
and I've had you to disappoint me
It's all that it seems
So break away to find the truth

When I think of it Darling, slowly
losing what we came here for

As it ends it gets harder to breathe
but we're not gasping for air
then everything in your body
falls under a spell and begins to fail
and then you just let go

when i think of it darling slowly
losing what we came here for
why we wage war

But we're not afraid to let go
when the time is right? we'll never know
how to fight ourselves
in the flashback of our world

so when it comes to it darling
slowly, breath in what you fought for
and ended this war with yourself
Track Name: Incompetence
Summer day blow away in the cold rain
where i'm happy, when the seasons change
I sit alone next to who I am and who I was

Thinking about what I missed when we grew up
and how I told myself "I feel alive"

Never let the Incompetence
Drive your life
to a wrong turn
we must believe that our own faults
shape us
for the better

Rain, go away and let the sun shine
for the rest of our days in our winter stay
where we don't belong
leaves fall, burn them all
it's too much for comfort in a stall
where love doesn't exist
in a drunk old kiss

so go back with all your friends
this isn't the life that you want
'cause there's not too many chances
to do right and obtain what we deserve
Track Name: Daisy
Spoiled girl without much fame like her polo man that fits the game
with similar desires, fenced up with wires and a bay between unrealistic dreams, oh she's tired of it all and wants a reason to break free

spoiled girl don't run away you're part of this game you'll be faced with shame as you leave everything behind

well off without no one, still interested in the money of an old love
that showers her in memories and a million shirts and a house that gleams
always mesmerized by his looks and a future fogged up with steam

the room is quiet there is no speaking
she'll have to break the silence for him to see that
the pressure building is making her tremble
and breaking the rue with the force of many tears
(get your priorities straight)
Track Name: Painting the Picture
I'll never really tell you how much you always
annoy me with a different sort of irony
like the act of ignoring just so you can find out
what everyone else is doing and never being focused on what we do in the present whether it may be important or just for the fun
you're always on your fucking phone

you look so alone
a social network should not be a place you call home
so get off your phone and learn live without
dependency from technology

I'll only be tolerant of text messages of people in need of you
know that i'll respect your time
but don't make it a problem when I start making plans
cause its the same thing your doing
but i guess i'll take the fall to prove to you that
this problem is a cycle i'll never be a part of so there

don't die so young
you can still experience fun in other ways
with a lifetime to go
just promise when you're with me to stay off
you're fucking phone.
Track Name: Laughing in the Love
Four beers time
wishing everlasting warmth
sitting on the cliff
with slugs in the view

Deny my lullaby
as i enter
but please serve me miss
before anyone else

a dark path but a lovely sight
my wicked time youw asted

on my conscience after a few drinks
accept my friendship
but take my warning
soon your body may fall

shove her off
wasted my time wasting your time wasting my life away
my hat tips right off your lips down to the bottom
laughing in the love i hear those bones break

four beers and thirty minutes long i'll enjoy the brightness
even when you're not there i'll remember the dim screams from below

shoved her now
played it calm
and wiped it all away
to wake up
four steps behind
Track Name: Anaheim
We'll run around this city while the lights are down
looking for that midnight sound to mark our place on the ground
We'll take it back, the prick from a thumb tack
not being able to subtract the music from our soundtrack

Stay with me this can mean so much more

Lets go back to the city
march in time, Anaheim
in disneyland you'll look so pretty
take the hand of this man
and tell me I won't leave alone

Lets turn the leaf with memories that we'd like to keep
don't worry bout what i'd like to see together we'll take this leap

baby please silently move in forward
cherished dreams don't they seam a little too cold?

We won't see each other again for a long time
so hold on to me and lets go for a ride
Track Name: Mr. Stewart
Wise for his age directly connected with the expanding cage
social media active nothing gets by without his attention
he can take it all in this new information
So young man walking down the street
you're smiling even though you're beat
been a long day coming home from school
take a dip now in the swimming pool

I'll say hey Mr. Stewart
have a nice day
dont take us for granted while you pave your way
Hey mr. stewart
hold your head up high
don't forget to smile
because tomorrow is heading our way

Take it easy now
cause it wont make any sense as he gives you advice on your life's coincidence
so dear and sincere straight from the heart influence is crystal clear
he is the flying fox
so young man live in colour the world can be so dark when you're living with others
take your message across the world and live to inspire as life unfolds
Track Name: How Do We Change
Not many words to say at least every time
its not so often that i see you but i guess subtle goodbyes will do
its been a few years since you left meand al i can do is remember
how you showed me a new world outside my curious bubble

And its up to me to change how we go in our different ways
lets tackle our problems sober and know when the party's over
I've only seen you cry once and its all due to a broken heart
yet alcohol still was the reason you let out all your feelings

how do we change if we don't get rid of this product in between
and i know where i stand in my life though the future's not always what it seems
i'll never forget your love that taught me as i grow older to see
there's always room for change

and this road can feel like it goes on forever especially when i have no direction or a set destination, we get lost forgetting who we are and i'm ashamed to not be a part of the problem or of the solution
and a dream brought me to tears with a vision of a new cold fear
in a path of snow i was told i would encounter more loss
and i'm not one to believe in visions but pain will always come and go when we don't expect it

and i'll never touch it
i think i can live without it
there's no reason to find out
what it can do to me
and who I established to be.